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Trashbusters School Exhibition NRW / 2022

The Trashbusters are coming to your school – with an amazingly designed modular traveling exhibition.
„We fight the plastic wave!“

With 11 giant dice games, 5 double-sided light boxes and an interactive table installation for „explorers“, questions like „how does plastic get into the ocean and what the heck is micro plastic?“ or „how can we avoid more garbage how bad is each kind of waste?“ keep kids involved.

Starting in February 2022 the exhibition and workshops are extremely successful and were already fully booked until spring 2023 in the summer of 2022 .

The conceptual team behind Trashbusters Exhibition

In close cooperation with conceptual curators and printers the many-faceted exhibition was realised.
formedy’s main focus was on

  • Layout, Composition, color, text formatting of light boxes, dices and table prints
  • fully prepress preparation for custom light boxes, dices and table prints

More about the Trashbusters project:
Design –>
Actions –>

The exhibition modules were build by limundfreunde –>

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